Fantastic Ear Wax Cleaning Device

3,000 1,500

. Insert 2 AA batteries (not included)

2. Select one of the replaceable silicone tips:

· Blue safety tips: ( ages 0 to 6 month )

· Green safety tips: ( ages 6 month to 6 years)

· Orange safety tips: ( ages 6 years and up)

3. Test the device by pressing the power button to check for a slow spin and powerful light.

4. If you are cleaning ypue owns ears, use a mirror. Smooth hair away from the ears and secure in place with pins or other hair device.

5. With the ages appropriate tip attachment in place, press the start button and insert the tip slowly into the ear. The spinning motion will pull excess wav into the tip.

6. Remove the device from the ear. Wash the tip with warm soap & water.

7. Store ina clean, dry place.

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